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Marina System Recommend you

The best gasoline for the greatest performance from the best lawnmowers

Recommended by the manufacturer to protect the engine and the environment.

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360 ° protection

Extend the life of your engine and protect it

Ma.Ri.Na. System recommends a fuel that is the purest, a fuel with a content of harmful substances that is practically zero. You can protect not only the engine, but also the environment and your health thanks to Marline Premium!



  • Odorless
  • It does not cause a headache
  • It burns without creating smoke and soot


  • It keeps up to 3 years, limiting breakdowns
  • No emptying required for wintering
  • No risk of wrong dosage
  • Easier to start the machine


  • -90% toxic emissions
  • Biodegradable
  • Less than 1% of harmful substances
Marina System + Marline
The perfect combination
Marline Premium

It has been specifically designed for all machines for individual use and professional ones. A formula that simplify the cold starting of two or four-stroke engines, that ensures high efficiency over time and that guarantees optimal storage conditions.



New product

alkylate gasoline
Marline Premium motori 4 tempi
Marline Premium motori 4 tempi 4 stroke engine

A highly refined alkylate gasoline that prevents the formation of residual deposits such as carbon. It's less impacting on health and the environment, and it has fewer than ten chemical components when the classic gasoline contains about a hundred of them.

Marline Premium motori 2 tempi
Marline Premium motori 2 tempi 2 stroke engine Ready-to-use mixture +
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