The radio-controlled hybrid robot cat all

The professional machine for the management of problematic green areas. Cutting in inaccessible and dangerous places while staying safe. Reliable and extremely effective. Find out all the details Watch the video made in Italy

Uncomfortable and difficult places

Perfect for managing vegetation in awkward and diffi cult to access hazardous locations.

Extreme slopes

Along roads and highways, along train tracks, in vineyards, under solar panels, the applications of use of the RAPTOR 800 are many.

Safety distance

The operator remains at a safe distance without risk while working with maximum effectiveness.


Extremely easy to maneuver, reliable and extraordinarily effi cient.

Raptor 800

The professional machine

o manage difficult green areas in safety
80 cm cutting deck in 3mm stainless steel to guarantee a long life and a great attention to the environment (no paint).
Vanguard Motorized VANGUARD 16HP twin cylinder with forced lubrication and fuel pump.
Raptor 800

Maximum slope

  • The RAPTOR 800 is designed to work up to a maximum slope of 50 ° or 120%.
  • The maximum inclination is managed both frontally and laterally in order to adapt to any situation.
  • The cutting deck has been designed to work in both directions, therefore it is not necessary to make a 180° turn at the end of the path to come back.
  • High Grip tracks allow the RAPTOR to climb everywhere.

Cutting System

  • 3mm stainless steel cutting deck, guaranteed for 10 years against rust.
  • Blade equipped with 4 fl oating knives on two levels. The fl oating knives are able to absorb impacts without transferring them to the crankshaft.
  • Motor shaft protection cone for a further guarantee of extreme solidity and durability of the product.
  • Efficient mulching effect even with extremely tall and dense vegetation.

High Productivity

  • The work of a single operator with the RAPTOR 800 can be compared to over 10 operators with bruschutters.
  • It will not be necessary to block the traffi c to cut green areas along roads, operators and RAPTOR stay out of the raods.

Remote control

Radio Control

Autec Srl has created the radio control for Marina Systems.

Simple to use, immediate, it allows full control of all functions in a short time.
Connection with the Robot, engine start and stop, speed adjustment advancement, cutting height adjustment, joystick-controlled movement, ignition safety lights.

Raptor radiocomando
Raptor radiocomando
Raptor radiocomando
Raptor radiocomando
Raptor radiocomando
Raptor radiocomando


Anchoring and lifting safely.

The hybrid system allows the Raptor to be moved without having to start the engine.
This is essential when unloading or loading it from a mean of transport.

Also, the movement within the storage areas is operated with the engine off, it does not pollute the air in closed environments.



made in Italy

Always in control

The RAPTOR 800 is Hybrid in fact you are always in control of the movement of the vehicle even when the petrol runs out.
AGM batteries allow you to control the Raptor 800 for approximately 40 minutes. If you are working in a dangerous spot, such as steeply sloping ground, you will always control the RAPTOR without having to worry about running out of gas and loose the control of the vehicle as it can happen with non-Hybrid systems.

In situ refueling

In many lands it is forbidden to refuel in situ to avoid polluting the environment and the ground. Thanks to the autonomy that AGM batteries give the RAPTOR 800 it will always be possible to bring it back to a suitable supply area, making it come out of the ground even whit an empty tank. The RAPTOR 800 has an autonomy of about 6 hours thanks to the 13 L aluminum tank.

AGM Batteries

The abbreviation AGM means Absorbent Glass Mat. In the AGM battery the electrolyte is bound completely in an absorbent fi bre felt of glass. The AGM battery is watertight and endures even oblique positions without problems. This and the Vibration resistance are the reasons why the battery AGM also has many fans in the off-road sector and two whe-els. Compared to conventional starter battery, an AGM battery allows triple cycles charging. The surplus of performance obtained thanks to construction features is one of the main arguments for the use of an AGM battery. Long duration, exceptional performance and high safety make the AGM battery a top-level choice for moderns’ vehicles.

Emergency stop

If the RAPTOR 800 loses the signal of the radio control swi-tches off immediately.
Emergency Stop Buttons are also present both on the remote control and on the rear hood of the RAPTOR 800. The buttons are large and in red colour. When you stop the RAPTOR 800 with these emergency buttons it will be necessary to repeat the starting procedure from the beginning to get back to work.


per Raptor 800
Front cover
Front cover

Front cover

It is possible to close the RAPTOR 800 front in order to repair the engine form rain branches and leaves.


In case of work along roads and highways it is required but can always be useful to spot the RAPTOR at safety distance.

Hybrid System

Vanguard Motorized VANGUARD 16HP twin cylinder with forced lubrication and fuel pump.

The 16 HP Vanguard motor through an alternator recharges the two AGM batteries that allows the two electric motors to move the RAPTOR’s High Grip Tracks.
The Vanguard motor recharges the batteries and manages the cutting system.

This system allows you to always maintain control of the RAPTOR even when the petrol runs out. It will never get stuck on a slope or in a hard to reach area to refuel. The fully charged batteries allows the RAPTOR 800 to move for about 40 minutes in extreme silence, once the engine is started the batteries will recharge. At the end of the day, with the smart charger supplied equalize and maintain the charge of the batteries in order to always have the maximum performance.

Raptor 800

The professional machine for the management of problematic green areas. Cutting in inaccessible and dangerous places while staying safe. Reliable and extremely effective.
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Technical Data

CE comformity unitHybrid remote controlled cut all
Name of the modelHybrid Robot Raptor 800 B
Code numberH80TR1RP0
EAN code8032727756535
L x L x H (mm)1400x1100x700
Dry Weight349 Kg
BOX Size (mm)1548x1153x1000
Total weight435 Kg
Engine ProducerBRIGGS & STRATTON
Engine ModelVanguard 16 HP Bicilindrico / V-Twin
Displacement479 cc
Maximum slope120% - 50°
Cutting heigh80mm / 140mm
Cutting widht800 mm
Mowing deck materialStainles Steel
Mowing deck thickness3mm
BladeSingle bar with 4 knives
Power (PS / kW) (net power @ rpm)11,94 kW/16.0 HP @3600 rpm
Gross torque at the bladeNm 33 Nm/ 24.4ft lbs m@ 2400 rpm
Speed km hVariable by remote from 0,5 Km/h to 6 Km/h
Remote controlAUTEC professional
Driving distanceMax 300m, Min 30m
Starting systemElectric by Remote Control
Noise (dB / A)LWA = 103,0 dB based on EN ISO 3744
Ignition systemElectric by remote control
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Raptor 800

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